Program Review

We wanted you to hear what other families are saying about our programs.

As a parent, I am very thankful for ACORNS. They are teaching my child wild life skills and an understanding and appreciation for nature. The topics and themes cover so much and provide invaluable skills. When picking my daughter up from ACORNS forest school, she is so very peaceful, happy, and in touch with nature. I think highly of the program and staff and am excited to have this ongoing opportunity for my wee girl!!
— Kimberly Glock
My little Adonai is an avid outdoors enthusiast....She is also an incredible insomniac. She gets a beautiful night sleep after spending the day outdoors, making new friends both with others, herself, and nature. I am so incredibly grateful for this program helping her know the world around her and get to know herself through it. Absolutely beautiful program. Thank you each that are a part of her journey!
— Hannah Bee
My Daughter (5) went for the first time last week. She had so much fun that she wants “to go acorning every single day!’. She learned how to braid and make cords, made new friends, worked with a knife and last (but certainly not least) to nature pee! Our family hikes will be sooooo much easier now that she has crossed that bridge. The staff was wonderful, caring, and watchful while still encouraging her to step out of her comfort zone. She came home feeling very accomplished. A great experience. I can’t wait for my sone to be done with school so he can attend this summer.
— Melissa A. Sarhan
My granddaughter loves ACORNS and has thrived in the woods! I am thankful and proud that this program is available in my community! ACORNS executive director has my granddaughter in her program all last summer. The curriculum she used was interesting, varied, and relevant. Learning was abundant through direct instruction and play. Remember how much you learned playing in the woods and how much fun you had? She has learned to identify many edible and nonedible plants, and many uses for them, shelter building; fire building; survival skills; team work; animals in the forest, salt water, and fresh water. This helps make strong, independent children! As a retired public educator I can say without hesitation this is learning and teaching at its best! Small group learning allowing for different kinds of learners and becoming responsible, caring beings. My granddaughter loves ACORNS and has thrived in the woods! I am thankful and proud that this program is available in my community!
— Phoebe Phevver
My 8 year old son Max has been going to ACORNS for 2 years and he loves it! It’s relaxed yet engaging, and it provides a great way for Max to spend time outdoors. Max can be nervous in groups and the folks at ACORNS are very patient with this and help him through his initial shyness. Thanks, ACORNS! We’ll be back again soon....
— Helen Berry
We have tried a lot of programs for our daughter. After having to leave our nature based IB Program to move to Olympia we tried a month of public school and hated it so we instead switched to home/unschooling which has worked great and she learns a lot, but she doesn’t get to socialize with kids as much as when she was in school. I’ve seen ACORNS info for about a year now but hesitated because I wasn’t sure if she would like it. Then I saw the program for spring break and decided we would give it a try and if she liked it we would continue to send her for the forest school Friday’s. Day 1: She was scared, but the teachers quickly welcomed her and made her feel like she belonged and she found a few kids to play with. When I picked her up she asked if she could come everyday. She had a blast. Day 2: She tried a tea (who is this kid????? Not mine! Did you trade her in?) and she rarely tries new things. On the way home my wife and I marveled about how she would not stop talking about a book that was read to the group and all the things she did that day. Usually she jabbers on about her favorite video games or Pokemon. Day 3: is tomorrow but I am sure she will love it.
My favorite part: she said the teachers don’t look things up on their phones, instead they look them up in books! I love this.
— Aurora Christy
Rare gem where all children are immersed in fun that they forget they are learning. They get dirty. They make friends. They learn with their hands. They move around on their feet. They are stretched to think in different contexts and environments. Errors are not failures, rather they are experiments. They come home exhausted and happy. They are always safe.
— Kelley Harvey Olsen
ECOS July 2015 1247.JPG
ACORNS has been such an important program for my kids. My 9 yr old is constantly applying the skills of wildcrafting, foraging, animal tracking and identification she has acquired at ACORNS. Most importantly, ACORNS has given her a huge sense of community and knowledge, with the confidence to interact genuinely with her natural surroundings and share with her world.
— Beth Brockmeyer
Outdoor education is an integral part of my kiddo’s learning. ACORNS is his favorite place to be on Friday’s and holiday breaks. We’ve met fabulous folks through this program, increased our whole family’s comfort level with wild foraging, and I know he looks forward to seeing his instructors and friends on a weekly basis. So glad ACORNS is around to provide him with such an incredible opportunity to learn, play, and grow!
— Ash O'Brien
I would highly recommend this program to everyone. An amazing group of kids and teachers will surround your child with love and adventure!
— Angela Marie
My daughter had a positive and adventurous time at the 2016 ACORNS camp. Daily she came home exhausted but excitedly told us about her daily adventures. She adored her teachers and made wonderful friends. We will most definitely be signing up for a summer camp!! Worth every penny!
— Amanda Allard
So appreciate all the work that has gone into this program, thank you!!
— Maiden MiZchief
Words can not express how great this staff is, or how much they really care! The staff guided my teenage son through the summer. Unbelievable, the growth and change he experienced. Responsibility, and how to be a leader to peers, and youth is skimming the surface.
— Dianalyn Robertson
So grateful that ACORNS has stepped up to replace ECOS. In just a few short months, this program has proved itself to be committed to outdoor education, social justice and the greater Pacific Northwest. ACORNS is going above and beyond anything we had ever dreamed was possible.
— Rachel Freer
This is an amazing non-profit youth development program I recommend this program to any and all parents that believe in outdoor environmental hands on learning and teaching.
— D. Cook